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Natalia Cellini Designer


I build wearable sculptures.

I work by enhancing the primitive beauty of the materials to bring them to light.

With my work I want  to relate the hidden aspect of the stones with the “hidden” part of people.




"NC Jewelry" is a brand born in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, drawing its characteristics from this very land where I was born: strong colors and intense scents.
My jewel-sculptures evoke rough landscapes
  and barren of the "crete", the stretches of scrub in the valleys and the badlands, ancient mining sites which, from the Etruscan era, reach up to the contemporary age.
When I stand in front of my work table,  I never know what the finished work will be like, I rarely make preparatory sketches. Because in the matter there's form already, it is only a matter of bringing it to light, combining design and rigorous workmanship.
Attention, meticulous care, time are the basis of every moment of my creative elaboration, for this reason each jewel is a unique piece, with its own identity and life.


My intention is to preserve the imperfect. I love aesthetic inconsistencies: natural raw stones combined with technical elements and ultramodern details, asymmetrical cuts and sharp edges which are counterpointed by the minerals organic shapes, rocks dated back millennia ago. The way I assemble materials is about my relationship with the world, especially how I perceive it. There is more than

I can see. I try to capture in my jewels the essence of the places that gave the raw material for my work. In a sense,

I seek the intangible. 

There is something that lies just beyond the immediately visible. It is something hidden, which calls us and brings us back to a primitive, ancestral visions. When we are attracted to something it is because we are able to perceive the hidden "thing". We are able to perceive what we have forgotten. I believe in a form of immediate, instinctive recognition that comes to us through and from the matter and points out what is hidden within us. Hidden part with hidden part. This should do the art. "


I am not interested in making beautiful or "easy" objects,

I want people to feel something when they are in front of my works and when they wear them. I wish my sculptures could remind us of what we have forgotten. Before we lost our "innocence".

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